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Sword Beachmaster passes away

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  • Sword Beachmaster passes away

    Rear-Admiral Teddy Gueritz, who has died aged 89, took over as a beachmaster on Sword Beach at 0800 on June 6 1944, wearing a blue-painted helmet and red scarf while armed with only a large blackthorn walking stick.
    He was charged with making order out of the chaos as men poured ashore and flail tanks attempted to explode mines and clear wire while the beach exits were jammed by vehicles stuck in soft sand. His sharpest memory was of the sight of his wounded superior, Commander Rowley Nichols, and of his army opposite number, Lieutenant-Colonel DVH Board, who had been killed outright. In addition, a fresh brigade, which landed at about 0930, found that the wind had driven the tide higher than expected, thereby narrowing the beach and covering many of the explosive obstacles
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    Originally posted by Andy H View Post
    Now I remember most of those things except Teddy you must remember that each sector of the beach had its own beach master and I do not think that ours was he. Although the whole beach may have had a senior but that I do not know.What I do know is that the bog down was at the top of the sector that we beached on, and it was D+1 morning before things were running smoothly again.Anyway may Ad: Teddy rest in peace.Would be interested to know his rank being only two years older than me he would have been in the region of twenty or twenty one,so I'm sure it would have been fairly lowly. lcm1
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