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Happy birthday Normandie-Niemen !

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  • Happy birthday Normandie-Niemen !

    "Normandie-Niemen": that was 70 years ago.

    The unit was the GC3 in the Free French Air Force, first commanded by Jean Tulasne. It fought in three campaigns on behalf of the Soviet Union between 22 March 1943, and 9 May 1945, during which time it destroyed 273 enemy aircraft and received numerous orders, citations and decorations from both France and the Soviet Union, including the French Légion d’Honneur and the Soviet Order of the Red Banner. Joseph Stalin awarded the unit the name Niemen for its participation in the Battle of the Niemen River (1944).
    18-й гвардейский Витебский дважды Краснознаменный ордена Суворова второй степени истребительный полк ВВС России "Нормандия – Неман" – in Russian

    The regiment maintains the traditions of French-Soviet/Russian combat friendship:



    Rafale and french veteran:

    Russian general Viktor Bondarev with french gift:

    Russian gift:

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    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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      "You listen to the ol' Pork Chop Express on a dark and stormy night......"


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        The one I like was when in 1945, returning to France as the heroes they were, they were offered any aircraft they wanted, US, German, British (including Vampires or Meteors) and they asked if they could keep their Yak - 3s.

        A band of heroes who contributed in no small measure to the Allied victory.
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            There are no Nazis in Ukraine. © Idiots


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              Fine looking bunch of veterans in the second photo.


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                SGT, 210th MP Battalion, 2nd MP BDE, MSSG

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                  "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to VieuxChat again."

                  ....Proscribed Words are still Proscribed even if in French-ACG Staff. Milles reps pour toi, quand même!!

                  BRAVO VieuxChat! Very nice tribute!

                  Marcel Albert died very recently and it buried in Florida. I believe Roland de la Poype is the last French ace still alive of this squadron.

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                        Yak-3 is my favourite WW2 Soviet fighter plane. I greatly enjoyed flying it in IL-2 Sturmovik (PC flight sim).
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                          I've gat the meeting next week end in my city,Rennes, with the "red star rafale" and the "patrouille de France". Hope for good weather.
                          Two years ago i've seen the official solo/demo of the rafale : few minutes but so good. Incredible the sound when the plane is close just above your head and seems to stop.


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                            Hehe, didn't know Santa Claus flew for NM.

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