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B-24 Liberator “Hadley’s Harem”

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  • B-24 Liberator “Hadley’s Harem”

    B-24 Liberator “Hadley’s Harem”

    B-24D (s/n 41-24311) Hadley's Harem (nose only) is on display in the Istanbul museum

    The last and only B-24 of the 177 B-24 that flew to Ploesti

    One of 177 Liberators from Benghazi that bombed oil refineries in Ploesti, Romania on August 1st, 1943 - "Black Sunday". Hadley’s Harem was on its approach to the target, it was hit by an anti-aircraft shell which went through the nose section of the fuselage and exploded causing serious damage to the aircraft. After bombing the target, and crippled B-24 tried to fly to the British Base at Cyprus but ended up ditching near Antalya Turkey.

    Much of the airframe was salvaged in 1995 and the cockpit section, partly restored, was put on display with the help of Mr. Roy Newton, one of seven survivors of the crash. (Pilot 1st Lt Gilbert Hadley Co-pilot & Bombardier were returned to the US)

    Now .. The remainder of the aircraft was preserved with the help of the Turkish Air Force, and it is now possible to imagine the aircraft as it might have been more than 60 years ago.

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    What a coincidence,Hadley’s Harem ended up right in land of harems!
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