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Searching for info on my Grandfather

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  • Searching for info on my Grandfather


    I am looking for information on my Grandfather who was in the Austro-Hungarian Army.He served in WW1 on the Eastern Front.He was captured and spent time in a Russian POW Camp.My father's side of the family lived in the Carpathian mountains.They came from a village now called LUH but in the old Empire it was called either LONKA or TISZA LONKA meaning LONKA by the Tisza River.Thecounty then was called Marmaros County.The village is next to Bichkiv (Velykyi Bychkiv) and these are near to Sizghet in Romania.No one knows of what years he was in or captured as he didnot speak of it.I never knew him as he was gassed in Auschwitz.My questions are:

    1.If you are familiar with my subject would you know what Regiment the men around LUH would of gone in ?
    2.Would you know where to write to for the information on my grandfather.Maybe where an Army Record would be ?

    Thanks in Advance

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