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Found some WWI pics

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  • Found some WWI pics

    I found some wwI pics but you need a jewlers loop to see them good and I was wondering if one of you guys could help me out.
    I have about 40 pics of a truck unit of the german Army
    the trucks are all either Diamler/Opel/Benz
    they are marked K.A.A. G1016 and several other G1010 G1025 and such maybe someone could help me find out the unit they were in.
    There is also a pic of plane wreckage and a dead airmen there is only 1 airmen the plane is white I believe, there is only 1 large dark circle on the whats left of the wing ? There is also what looks like 737 on the tail and the plane has solid front landing wheels and a double bicycle style trail set which makes me think its a bomber or some sort of recon plane?
    Any help would be appreciated I know its kinda vague but anything you guys got would help

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