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  • Find out What Happened on Your Birthday!!

    Hey, this is a great site that I had already discussed before but I don't think anyone was listening. After exploring a little farther I discovered this great little feature of it that will tell you what happened on every single day of the war! Check it out! :thumb:
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    That's pretty cool actually:

    27th June 1918

    Western Front

    Air-raid on Paris, 11 killed, 14 injured.

    Eastern Front

    650 newly-elected members of Soviet enrolled.

    Naval and Overseas Operations

    Hospital ship "Llandovery Castle" torpedoed south-west of Fastnet - all boats (except one) rammed and sunk: 244 lost.

    Four British destroyers fight eight German ones: no damage received.

    Political, etc.

    Agreement between Sweden, Finland and Germany for abolition of forts on Aaland Islands.

    Yugo-Slav deputation at Rome.

    Mr. Hughes in London.

    Chamber of Commerce declares for abandonment of policy of open door.

    Speech of M. Kerenski at Labour Conference, London.
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      Western Front

      German retreat continues on the Ancre.

      British advance extends over a front of 11 miles from south of Gomemcourt to east of Gueudecourt, and reaches an extreme depth of three miles.

      Successful raids at Monchy-au-Bois, Lens and in Champagne.

      Naval air-raid on Brebach (near Metz).

      Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres

      Turkish retreat continues, closely pursued by British cavalry.

      Turks destroy much war material.

      Naval and Overseas Operations

      Margate and Broadstairs bombarded for ten minutes by German destroyers. Slight damage. Three killed, one wounded.

      "Laconia", S.S. (Cunarder) sunk. Four Americans drowned. The "overt act" for which President Wilson was waiting.

      Political, etc.

      New British War Loan subscriptions amount to (new money) 1,000,312,950.


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        01/08/18 Western Front

        Strong enemy local attack near Bullecourt repulsed.

        French make successful raid on large scale near Seicheprey (Woevre).

        Sir Douglas Haig's fourth Despatch published.

        Political, etc.

        U.S.A.: President Wilson addresses Congress - "Fourteen Points" speech - on peace programme.

        Australia: Mr. Hughes and Nationalist Cabinet resign.
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          April 30, 1915

          Western Front

          Second Battle of Ypres: Attempted German advance from St. Julien repulsed.

          Zeppelin raid on East Anglia.

          Eastern Front

          Germans reach the railway stations of the Muravievo and Radziviliski (Province of Kovno, Baltic Provinces).

          Naval and Overseas Operations

          Australian submarine AE2 sunk by Turkish warship in the Sea of Marmora.

          Political, etc.

          German warning in U.S. newspapers re: sailing in "Lusitania".

          Interesting. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30 in 1945.:armed:
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            My birthday is July 16.....I know this isn't WW I, but...

            On July 16, 1944 the first atomic bomb was detonated...........pretty hard to top that one.
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