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    The Austrian emperial battleship "Viribus Unitis" was sunk by Italian military divers in the harbor of Triest on first November 1918. It was a senseless Italian military Operations against Austria, because the World War I 20200729_080051.jpg has been already finished.

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    November 3, 1918, signing of the Armistice of Villa-Giusti (near Padoue in Italy) by Austria-Hungary, with effect on November 4 at 3 p.m.

    So on November 1, the war is not over ...

    And there is still fighting in France at the beginning of November, the Germans engage in the first talks on November 7. They will sign the Armistice on November 11.


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      October 31, 1918 marked the day when the SMS Viribus Unitis, the flagship of the Austro-Hungarian navy, was transferred peacefully from the sinking empire to the new state of the Slovenes, Croats and Serbs in the port of Pula (now Croatia). The new owners of the ship decided to name it Jugoslavija, foreshadowing the new kingdom that would be formed only a few months later.
      Soon after its construction, World War I broke out in Europe and the Austro-Hungarian fleet had to face a new enemy, Italy, just across the Adriatic Sea from its naval bases in present-day Croatia. Unfortunately for the Viribus Unitis, the Italians had a larger navy and controlled the Otranto Canal, making its escape from the confines of the Adriatic Sea almost impossible. Apart from a few unsuccessful sorties, notably the bombardment of the Italian city of Ancona in 1915, the dreadnought battleship remained moored in Pula for most of the war. Nevertheless, despite the ship's lack of action, its mere presence in the Mediterranean forced its enemies to redirect naval forces that could have been used for operations against Germany in the North Sea.
      By mid-1918, there was no doubt that it was impossible for Austria-Hungary to win the war, and its international naval crews grew even more anxious to end the violence and sever ties. with the Empire. This desire became a reality in October, when the state of the Slovenes, Croats and Serbs was proclaimed. The Austrian government, having neither the will nor the capacity to face this new development, agreed to cede its fleet located in Pula to the new national council, judging that it was a better option than let fall into the hands of the Italians. On October 31, the Austrian flag was lowered on the Viribus Unitis, and the Ensign of the Southern Slavs was hoisted under the command of Croatian Admiral Janko Vuković.
      But the career of the new flagship Jugoslavija was short-lived. Directly the next day, November 1, two Italian sailors sailing a primitive form of torpedo slipped into the port of Pula. Ignoring the flag transfer made the day before, or perhaps reluctant to relinquish the ships, they placed explosive charges under the battleship. The bombs detonated shortly after 6.30 a.m., as a result of which the ship quickly sank, taking Admiral Vuković and hundreds of her crew with it.


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