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100 days canadians push to end the war.

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  • 100 days canadians push to end the war.

    canadians were never ones to brag, we were the best ww1 troops around but never said anything . the germains called us storm troopers . we spearheaded the end to the war when no one else could. after the war we just went back to a quiet life on the farm, forest or boat .
    • Start: 4 August, 1914.
    • End: 11 November, 1918.
    • Canada's Population: 8-million.
    • Canadians who served (men and women): 630,000.
    • Who went overseas: 425,000.
    • Canadians killed: 60,661.
    • Canadians wounded: 172,000

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    Funny that the Australians say virtually the same thing.
    "I dogmatise and am contradicted, and in this conflict of opinions and sentiments I find delight".
    Samuel Johnson.


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      Yes the aussies were there . Flanked by Australian and French formations, the Canadians went into action in the early morning, the infantry, accompanied by tanks, following the heavy artillery barrage closely, keeping pace as the gunfire moved ahead in one-kilometre increments.


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