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Interesting WWI "Blog" from an Englishman's perspective

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  • Interesting WWI "Blog" from an Englishman's perspective

    You can check it out HERE

    Excerpt from Yahoo:

    In 1917, Harry Lamin of Ilkeston, Great Britain, headed to army training camp and was soon shipped off to France to fight in World War I. Unlike today's wars, where the military may have the immediacy of email or cell phones, the only way soldiers then could communicate with their loved ones was through slow, inconsistent postal mail. Harry wrote letters to his wife Ethel, his sister Kate, and his brother Jack. His grandson recently discovered the wartime dispatches and started transcribing them on the same dates they were written, but 90 years later. Private Lamin is none too thrilled to meet action, and clearly misses his baby son. But he survives the massive Battle of Messines Ridge, of which General Plumer predicts: "Gentlemen, we may not make history tomorrow, but we shall certainly change the geography." This blog, like war, marches on, so check back to see how Harry fares in the rest of his journey. Along with his family, we eagerly await his return home.

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