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I sunk HMS Goliath

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  • I sunk HMS Goliath

    The destroyer Muavenet-i Milliye which means "National Charity" was bought from Germany in 1909 by the funds collected by "Donanma-yı Osmanî Muavenet-i Millîye Cemiyeti" the Ottoman National Charity Society of the Navy. Muavenet-i Milliye played an important role during the Gallipoli Battles and WW1. Captain of the ship was Navy Captain Ahmet Saffet Efendi. 2nd Capt. German Kapitaen zur See Firle, Chief Engeneer Lt. zur Sea Andrea.
    The task of the ship was to protect the transport of men and material on the sea and destroy the enemy submarines operating in the Marmara Sea during the Gallipoli Battles.
    Muavenet-i Milliye got an extra task to sink the Golliath. She left Kilitbahir on the night of May 12nd to sink Goliath. She sailed very near to the shore and reached to the Bay of Morto where Goliath was standing without any war measures. The Captain of Goliath never waited a naval attack to his ship. Captain Ahmet Saffet Efendi fired at O1:15 from 300 metres 3 torpedos in 10 second intervals. The first torpedo hit Goliath from the bridge, 2nd hit the middle and the 3rd hit at the back..

    On May 13th Goliath was a history. She lost 570 of her 700 crew including his captain.
    Capt. Ahmet Saffet Efendi was prometed to major and became the tittle Bey.

    About Navy Major Ahmet Saffet(Navy Col. and MP Ohkay) Bey:

    - Borned in Istanbul in 1876
    - Graduated from the "Heybeliada Bahriye Mektebi" the Naval War School at Heybeliada Insel on Marmara Sea/Istanbul .
    -in 1912 commander of Muavenet-i Milliye
    -Joined the Turkish War of Independance
    -Navy Col. Ahmet Saffet Ohkay Minister of War and Commander of Turkish Naval Forces for a short time in 1924,
    - MP of the province Elazig between the years 1927-35
    -died in 1938

    Torpedo Officer Navy Lt. Ali Haydar
    Born at Kasımpaşa/Istanbul.(Kasımpaşa is a town and naval base of Ottoman Turkish Navy on Goldern Horn) Graduated the Mekteb-i Bahriye the Naval War School. During the assoult on Goliath he was torpedo officer of the Muavenet-i Milliye. He also joined to raid to Odessa. with his ship.
    2nd Capt. at destroyer Numune-i Hamiyet
    Captain at Hamidabad and Musul torpedoboats,
    Captain at Barika-i Zafer gunboat,
    Retired on Dec. 10th 1923 as Navy Major.

    for more information please visit my posts to:

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