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US navy doctrine question.

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    Originally posted by Herman Hum View Post
    Most surface surveillance comes from AWACs, but the P-8 Poseidons, P-3 Orions, RC-135 (and other ELint), drones, subs, or even satellites can provide sufficient targeting information for the B-52s to make an undetected approach from below the radar horizon to the weapons release point.
    so you're saying that the plane will get all the data and intel to find the ship, but the ship won't get any back...right...makes total sense
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      The targeted ship could be lit up by search radars from some of these sources, but could not know which signal is being used to guide a missile coming in. That is why on the movie Top Gun you see violent maneuvers to break the target lock. Some missiles also use a remote signal to come in on and don't turn on the acquisition radar onboard until they are close.

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