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S.M.S. Viribus Unitis (3D model)

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  • S.M.S. Viribus Unitis (3D model)

    S.M.S. Viribus Unitis (1912-1918) was an Austro-Hungarian battleship notorious for being sunk by the first human torpedo ever to be deployed (by Italians).

    On the bottom of the main page you will see a diagram with yellow rectangles. Each yellow rectangle is a link to a different view of the 3D model.

    What I found interesting is that the triple small guns sitting on top of the B main turret are anti-torpedo boat guns, not AAA guns. I guess in early 20th century anti-air warfare did not factor into dreadnought design and little torpedo boats were seen as the primary agile opponents.

    P.S. Who can translate Viribus Unitis from Latin?

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    All I can find is it is the Imperial motto. Unitas usually translates as United. Someone in here MUST have passed High School Latin! I can't be the only dummy that flunked it...

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      These ships could have met the Italian Navy on more then equal terms. I have wondered why they didnt go out and see more action than they did.


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        That is a great site dedicated for the ship, an excellent find!

        And those who seek the translation of "Viribus Unitis" it states what it translates to on the main page... meaning, 'With United Forces'
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          Originally posted by Achtung baby View Post
          And those who seek the translation of "Viribus Unitis" it states what it translates to on the main page... meaning, 'With United Forces'
          That's right! It could be also freely translated as 'All Together'.
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            In combat, those anti-torpedo-boat gunners atop the main turrets would have been subjected tio the full force of blast pressure, heat and incredible noise every time the guns went off. They probably had to be strapped in. I wonder how accurate they would have been under those conditions?
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              if u ever come to vienna go to the militaerhistorisches museum there is a huge modell of the unitis. also some other nice stuff. its one of the best military museums nobody has ever heard off maybe the best
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