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V-22 Osprey goes to Iraq

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  • V-22 Osprey goes to Iraq

    This plane seems to have had its share of problems, so i'm wondering why
    bother to send it to Iraq? Can't we use what we have been over there?
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    How will Congress authorize any more money for the program if it is too fragile to work in Iraq and Afghanistan? The stuff we have already sent over is wearing out and occasionally crashing. We aren't replacing the worn out and destroyed, at least not on a one to one basis. Sooner or later the aircraft has to get "kissed" so we can see what needs fixing. It just takes longer with some programs than others.

    The F-111 comes to mind. The aircraft was too complicated and needed lots of maintenance, but they figured out how they could get some use out of it. Notice that the Air Force and Navy have not used swing wings since the F-111 and F-14?

    We will have to see if we use the tilt rotor again in future aircraft.

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      Time Flies . . .

      I'm surprised this has been pushed back to page three already.

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