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If anyone has any issues that they are running in to please let me know in the post below. Please give me as much detail as possible .
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Soviet SAG vs Japanese navy SAG 80s era combat

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    These are all but useless in a sea battle outside littoral waters. Small missile boats like those are only useful in confined waters where they can hide in background clutter of land.
    This is why ocean going navies rarely build this sort of ship. It's much like PT or MTB boats in WW2. They too are generally useless as combatants and pretty much confined to areas where you are dealing with coastal waters.
    Nanuchka can do a little better with draught slightly more range , maybe like destroyer escorts of WW2
    I doubt the soviet navy would challenge the japanese on the high seas esp not without extensive submarine or support from AVMF regiments

    most likely battlefields for such a scenario would be

    Japanese trying to blockade the soviet naval bases around vladivostock or around the Kuril islands and maybe infiltrate the sea of Okhost.


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      Originally posted by nastle View Post
      How do the 2 compare in 1980s era

      Soviet SAG
      1 Kiev 8 x SSN-12 sandbox
      2 Kyndas 8 x SSN-3 b Shaddock
      2 Sovermenyy 8 x SSN-22
      2 Udaloy no SSM but extensive SAM
      supported by 4 SSN like Victor III or Charlie I/II with type 76 longe range ASUW torpedoes or SSN-7/9


      4 Hatsuyuki class DD + 3 Asagiri class destroyers
      each with 8 x Harpoon
      with ASROC

      supposing neither side has any decisive air support

      IMHO these are the pros and cons of each side

      Modern ASM like Harpoon
      good anti-missile defences like CIWS and sea sparrow

      mixed type of ASM
      Longer ranged high speed ASM like P-500 bazalt and SSN-22 are advanced and former is long range
      SSN-7/9 can be fired by submerged submarines out of range of DD ASROC
      long range SSN-3b is primitive system and kyndas are not well protected with CIWS and SAM

      what do you guys think ? which one will win
      The Russians. The Japanese haven't engaged in combat since 1945 and their entire military philosophy is based on home defense, not agression.

      Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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        Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
        The Russians. The Japanese haven't engaged in combat since 1945 and their entire military philosophy is based on home defense, not agression.

        If we're using that logic, the Japanese. The Russians haven't won a war at sea, or even a serious naval battle in over two centuries...


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