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Carter’s Rebuke of Navy Budget Proposal

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  • Carter’s Rebuke of Navy Budget Proposal

    In addition to reading the article, it is interesting to read the actual memo from Carter in the link at the end. Seems like this topic (more ships vs high end capability) has been discussed here also.

    Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s list of directives Monday to the Navy to retool its budget for Fiscal Year 2017 revealed a split in priorities between the Secretary of the Navy and the Pentagon on the future of the force......

    The resulting memo Monday (from Carter to Mabus) is widely seen as a rejection of Mabus’ priority of maximizing new ship construction — in a department that was out of step with a Pentagon mandate to emphasize higher-end weapon technology.......

    “It was a harsh memo,” said one congressional source familiar with the deliberations. “The only thing they didn’t put in at the end was the line, ‘end of discussion’.”

    Actual memo: LINK

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    With the way Carter is running things I doubt he'll have a job if a Republican wins in November.


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      What caught my eye was the line on the first page “our military is first and foremost a warfighting force”. Perhaps someone should tell him that when he proposes PC programs that the marines (at least) don’t want since it would reduce their ability to fight a war.
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