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Greatest naval losses post WW2

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  • Greatest naval losses post WW2

    I would like to dedicate this thread to navies that have taken significant losses in war and battles post WW2. Please do not include peacetime accidental losses.
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    The Argentinian ex ww2 cruiser sunk by HMS Conqueror in the Falklands Islands campaign.
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      And naval losses/damage on the British side.

      Saturday 1st May
      HMS Alacrity - slightly damaged by bomb near misses
      HMS Arrow - slightly damaged by cannon fire
      HMS Glamorgan - slightly damaged by bomb near misses, all off Stanley by Daggers of FAA Grupo 6.
      Tuesday 4th May
      HMS SHEFFIELD - mortally damaged south east of Falklands by Exocet missile fired by Super Etendard of CANA 2 Esc. Burnt out and sank in tow on Monday 10th May.
      Wednesday 12th May
      HMS Glasgow - moderately damaged off Stanley by unexploded bomb (1) dropped by A-4B Skyhawks of FAA Grupo 5. Bomb passed through hull but damage took some days to repair and she shortly returned to UK.
      Friday 21st May
      HMS Antrim - seriously damaged in Falkland Sound outside San Carlos Water by unexploded bomb (2)dropped by Daggers of FAA Grupo 6. UXB removed but damage took some days to repair.
      HMS Broadsword - slightly damaged outside San Carlos Water by cannon fire from Daggers of Grupo 6.
      HMS Argonaut - slightly damaged outside San Carlos Water by rockets and cannon fire from Aermacchi MB.339A of CANA 1 Esc, and then seriously damaged by two unexploded bombs (3/4)dropped by A-4B Skyhawks of FAA Grupo 5. Removing the UXB's and carrying out repairs took a number of days and although declared operational, she soon sailed for the UK.
      HMS Brilliant - slightly damaged outside San Carlos Water by cannon fire from Daggers of Grupo 6. (Different attack from "Broadsword")
      HMS ARDENT - badly damaged in Grantham Sound by bombs - hits, UXB's (5+) and near misses - dropped by Daggers of Grupo 6, then mortally damaged by bombs from A-4Q Skyhawks of CANA 3 Esc off North West Island. Sank the following evening.
      Sunday 23rd May
      HMS ANTELOPE - damaged in San Carlos Water by two unexploded bombs (6/7) dropped by A-4B Skyhawks of Grupo 5. One of the bombs exploded that evening while being defused and she caught fire and sank next day.
      Monday 24th May
      RFA Sir Galahad - damaged by unexploded bomb (8) and out of action for some days,
      RFA Sir Lancelot - damaged by unexploded bomb (9) and not fully operational for almost three weeks,
      RFA Sir Bedivere - slightly damaged by glancing bomb, all in San Carlos Water probably by A-4C Skyhawks of FAA Grupo 4.
      Tuesday 25th May
      HMS Broadsword - damaged north of Pebble Island by bomb from A-4B Skyhawk of Grupo 5 bouncing up through her stern and out again to land in the sea.
      HMS COVENTRY - sunk north of Pebble Island in same attack by three bombs.
      ATLANTIC CONVEYOR - mortally damaged north east of Falklands by Exocet missile fired by Super Etendard of CANA 2 Esc. Burnt out and later sank in tow.
      Saturday 29th May
      British Wye - hit north of South Georgia by bomb dropped by C-130 Hercules of FAA Grupo 1 which bounced into the sea without exploding
      Tuesday 8th June
      HMS Plymouth - damaged in Falkland Sound off San Carlos Water by four unexploded bombs (10-13) from Daggers of FAA Grupo 6.
      RFA SIR GALAHAD - mortally damaged off Fitzroy by bombs from A-4B Skyhawks of Grupo 5 and burnt out. Later in June towed out to sea and sunk as a war grave.
      RFA Sir Tristram - badly damaged off Fitzroy in same attack and abandoned, but later returned to UK and repaired.
      LCU F4, HMS Fearless - sunk in Choiseul Sound by bomb from A-4B Skyhawk of Grupo 5.
      Saturday 12th June
      HMS Glamorgan - damaged off Stanley by land-based Exocet missile.
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        Pakistan Navy 1971

        Total Losses (Sunk, damaged beyond repair or captured):
        2 Destroyers
        1 submarine
        1 Fleet Tanker
        1 Minesweeper
        3 patrol Vessels
        7 gunboats
        17 support/ communication/Supply ships
        3 Cargo ships 10 smaller ships captured.


        -1 Frigate

        Damage to Ports

        Two Ports Karachi and Chittagong damaged

        Human Losses (Naval)

        1900 Killed
        1431 POWS
        Number wounded- Unknown
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          How do the losses of the Iranians stack up during Operation Praying Mantis? Maybe not as much as the Pakastanis in total, but it was a bad day for the Iranians.
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            Iranian losses in Operation Praying Mantis against the US Navy.

            1 frigate sunk (45 crew killed[1])
            1 gunboat sunk (11 crew killed[1])
            3 speedboats sunk
            1 frigate damaged
            2 oil platforms damaged

            (1) Iranian News Agency
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              I'm sure there would be plenty of vessels(military and fishing boats) that have been sunk between Nth & South Korea.
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                INS Khukri to the PNS sub Hangor on December 9, 1971


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                  USS Liberty

                  34 Killed, 171 wounded.

                  How soon we forget.
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                    Destroyer Elilat to Egyptian missile boats on October 21, 1967


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                      HMS Aurora sold to China in 1948 in service as the Chung King, defected to Mao and was renamed Tchoung King sunk by ROC aircraft in March 1949. Later salvaged but only used as an accommodation ship


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                        Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
                        USS Liberty

                        34 Killed, 171 wounded.

                        How soon we forget.
                        Come on John, it was an accident. Just because it was clear conditions, the flag was flying, and everyone knows was a USN ships looks like with the hull number and everything, the Israelis would never do anything like that on purpose, because they're our "friends". drip, drip, drip.


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                          USS Magpie AMS-25/YMS 400 lost to mine off Korea October 1, 1950


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                            USS Cole (DDG-67) bombed while refueling in Aden, Yemen 12 Oct 2000

                            17 sailors lost their life and another 39 were injured.

                            The ship was severly damaged and had to be hauled back to the US on the back of the M/V Blue Marlin for major repairs.

                            The Cole has since been repaired and back to full service.

                            On a personal note I have toured that ship, and walked past the place where the explosion occured, and while the damage has been repaired, I could not help but feel a presence there of those lost. It was truly a moving experience.
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                              K-141 (Kursk)
                              USS Scorpion


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