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HMS Victory - Old Methods Better Than Modern

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  • HMS Victory - Old Methods Better Than Modern

    Experts renovating Lord Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory have reverted to a 300-year-old technique to beat rotting - after modern materials failed.
    Hemp and pitch are again being used to fill the gaps between planks to stop rain water leaking into the heart of the historic ship and posing a threat to priceless fittings.
    Synthetic mastics were used for the job 15 years ago but they couldn’t cope with the expansion and contraction of the timber, causing water to get in and riddle the ship with rot.
    Nelson's ship gets £50 million facelift using a technique used by sailors on HMS Victory 300 years ago | Mail Online

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    Admiral Lord Nelson

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    After the pigs ear they apparently made of the Cutty Sark, I'd hope restoration teams were extra vigilant with the Victory.
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      Maybe the dockyards commercial arm could look at the right level of corporate/hospitality events held on board? Limit the use of this national treasure...Back in Nelsons day I'm sure company kick-off meetings were not high on the agenda!

      I don't think that gentleman realizes that the HMS Victory isn't strictly a museum ship, but is a commissioned warship and the flagship of the First Sea Lord, currently Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, GCB, OBE


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        I was on her in 2003. At that time she seemed to be in very good condition. However, almost 10 years can be a life time. Sorry to hear she needs repairs.


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          Great they are refitting HMS VICTORY . She was laid down in 1759
          laid up for 20+ years then served through the Napoleonic wars with 1
          3 year long refit . Since the mid 1820's she was duty ship in Portsmouth.
          In 1922 she was drydocked in #2 drydock HM Dockyard and serves as
          Flagship Home Command in addition to being a museum ship . She took her last battle damage in WW II when bomb fragments hit her.

          "To all who serve , have or will serve , Thank You"


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            Keep the sailors away from the hemp! Actually both hemp and pitch are antiseptic and protect against rot, which is usually caused by a mold, a fungus.
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              Sorry to say that though the story of HMS Victory is interesting, I just had to have a look at Carol Vorderman....Mmmmm! yummy!

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              All human ills he can subdue,
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              Give honour to the dainty Corse,
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                Originally posted by Selous View Post
                After the pigs ear they apparently made of the Cutty Sark, I'd hope restoration teams were extra vigilant with the Victory.
                They made beer out of the Cutty Sark??? lcm1
                'By Horse by Tram'.

                I was in when they needed 'em,not feeded 'em.
                " Youuu 'Orrible Lot!"


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                  Originally posted by lcm1 View Post
                  They made beer out of the Cutty Sark??? lcm1
                  Nah, the old beams and boards just started to ferment and drip whisky. Dockhands figured bottling the stuff was more profitable than stopping it.
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