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How are military aircraft sterilized?

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  • How are military aircraft sterilized?

    What happens when a reconnaissance plane or any plane with sensitive equipment is forced to land in unfriendly territory and needs to quickly sterilize the aircraft before it lands and is confiscated? Assuming the two nations are not at war, so bombing it is not an option. Could've been caused by an emergency or a forced landing from another aircraft. Not sure how much paper they have onbaord, but I assume its the digitally stored data, encrypted devices, codes and frequencies that are the main concern. As well as any new technology that may be onboard. Is there a switch someone turns on and zap everything is gone, or is it more involved? Has there been instances where one downed plane led to severe security breeches and where that intelligence or technology was able to shape the course of a battle or war? Or does everyone have contingencies for just these situations?
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    In both the USS Pueblo and EP-3 Hainan Island incident the crew improvised most of their destruct methods. It would also depend in the case of an aircraft, if the crew could get at the components.


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      More info' regarding the Hainan incident, and how the crew tried to destroy the evidence.
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        The U-2 had a self-destruct device, which Powers did not initiate.
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