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Fast turboprop gunship?

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  • Fast turboprop gunship?

    The venerable AC-130 has served as a unique plane in that it contains the largest and most numerous varieties of weapons ever put on any modern turboprop aircraft but as its airframe design is going on 50 years old I was wondering if there are more advanced turboprop planes and engines capable of better performance over the C-130 and still delivering near equal amount of lethality of an AC-130? Could a P-3 Orion be outfitted with the same weaponry for ground attack or any other current military or civilian turboprop plane?
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    Maybe. I wonder if thought has been given to making the C-17 or the C-27 cargo planes into gunships. I remember in the Wingman book series the United American forces converted 2 C-5s into gunships.


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      If it ain't broke...
      There's only 5 years difference between the introduction of the C130 and the P3. They are of the same generation. What would a new turboprop do that the C130 can't? There are too few gunships to make a new model cost effective. The C130 has enough speed and plenty of loiter time.


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