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Latest R-77 missile variant, comparison with AMRAAM?

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  • Latest R-77 missile variant, comparison with AMRAAM?

    So we're not talking about R-77 or RVV-AE but about R-77-1 or RVV-SD.

    Is there any additional info past what the manufacturer's page offers? Seeing how it's a very new missile, development of which ended just a few years ago, it should be quite potent.

    But potent how much, compared to late model amraams?

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      No one knows, both because the paper capabilities are restricted and because the actual performance is dependent upon particular operational circumstances.

      A better pilot, better supported by accompanying assets and with a better position will tend to clobber the opposition even where the latter had a 'paper' advantage.
      History is not tragedy; to understand historical reality, it is sometimes better to not know the end of the story.

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