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YF-23 website.

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  • YF-23 website.

    An interesting website for those who still hold some affection for the failed YF-23. From what I understand some details of the two prototypes are still classified.

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    Seems like there was a sim or two that included an "F-23" in your choice of planes.
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      WWSPMBT only lists the F-2 as an option, which is too bad. Using the experimentals is often very educating and productive.
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        The Two Test Pilots Discuss Flying the YF-23

        This video is presentation by the two test pilots who flew the YF-23, Paul Metz and Jim Sandberg. In addition, Paul has the distinction, not only of being the first airborne in an ATF, but of being the only person to fly both the YF-23 and the F-22A EMD aircraft.


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