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Automatic cannon on SU-24 and MiG-31

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  • Automatic cannon on SU-24 and MiG-31

    i've saw pictures of SU-24 Fencer, since they were just blurred sillowettes. some time later, when better quality photos were available, the info was that Fencer has 2 cannons, one single barrel, perhaps to shoot chaff cartridges, and one 6 barrel. the access doors were also the ventral air brakes. is that correct? can you place comments and/or post pictures of these cannons? and MiG-31 Foxhound? is said it has a cannon too, but never saw where it is, on centerline or side mounted. thanks for your comments!

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    My info said the first "attacK' models of the SU24 had a 23mm cannon installed of the stbd side lower fuselage covered by an "eyelid" shutter...later models had a 30mm cannon but this was removed on the "Recon" version to allow installation of a camera.

    MIG31...Older model MIG had a 23mm gatling gun installed on stbd side aft fuselage....this was later removed to make room for more A to A missils...

    Hope that helps.....


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