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    Anybody got any updates on the status after last year's failure. If I recall correctly it's still got mucho bugs.

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    Russia Plans New Bulava Missile Test
    Tuesday, June 15, 2010
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    Russia yesterday announced plans to conduct a new test of its experimental Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile in the third quarter of 2010, RIA Novosti reported (see GSN, May 24).

    The Bulava is designed to deliver as many as 10 nuclear warheads as far as 5,000 miles. The weapon has failed in seven of 12 flight tests to date, most recently in December, according to official figures. However, Russia's armed forces have continued defending the weapon as an irreplaceable component of the country's future nuclear deterrent.

    "In the third quarter launches will resume. The first will be from the nuclear Dmitry Donskoy submarine. From which vessel the next launch will come depends on the first launch," Col. Gen. Dmitry Popovkin, a member of the Russian General Staff, said (RIA Novosti, June 14).

    note: Some accounts place the official figures at 5 successful tests out of 12 launches. But it looks like the Russians are detrmined to make it work and eventually they likely will.


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