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  • What's Tinier Than a Willys Jeep

    What's Tinier Than a Willys Jeep But Just as "Ooh Rah?" The Mighty Mite

    What is this, a Jeep for ants? No, it is not a three-quarter-scale Willys MB Jeep for parade or Shiner duty. This is an American Motors M422 Mighty Mite, a lightweight, air-transportable utility vehicle developed for the U.S. Marines. Like the firework that shares its name, the rig is little but packs a punch—and reading about this oddball military truck might make up for a lack of public July 4th firework shows this year. At least a little bit.
    Wheelbase aside, you might wonder what the Marines wanted with such a pint-sized tactical vehicle. With the advent of air mobility, they wanted the ability to airdrop or helicopter in some transportation at exactly the spot it was needed, quickly and without fuss. But a regular Jeep, at that point an M38A1, was too big and heavy for these purposes. A closer look at the Mighty Mite makes it clear that weight, and size, were of paramount concern.
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    Reminds me of some of the vehicles made by the Crosley car company of Cincinnati for the U.S. military in World War II. Meant to be used by the airborne. Looks like a mini jeep. They were known for very small cars pre and post World War II. Crosley also made the VT artillery fuses and radios.
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      There will be some guys that insist on a roll bar, catalytic converters and a host of features that will add size and weight to the vehicle. I thought they could sling load the old Jeep under a helicopter? They certainly could fit one in a glider.

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        I think that The Mule is even more compact and lighter.
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