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Su-24/Mig-27 in the 1970s /80s and escort fighters

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  • Su-24/Mig-27 in the 1970s /80s and escort fighters

    As we all know Su-24/Mig-27 were the primary strike assets of VVS from the mid-70s to 1990

    They would have been deployed in a variety of roles but given they carried large external tanks and later had inflight refuelling their targets must have well outside the range of most if not all VVS Mig-23/29 fighters.

    And the Su-27 did not enter service with VVS in substantial numbers until 1988

    SO my question is were the Su-24s /Mig-27 from 1976-88 expected to perform most of their missions unescorted ? if so was this not suicidal considering NATO had F-15s in place and hundreds of F-16s not to mention F-4s

    What was the primary means of survival for these su-24s /Mig-27 ? it surely cannot be their self defence cannons and 2 x R-60

    Did they have onboard jammers ,chaff/flare ?

    Could the Su24/Mig-27 escape from the F-4/Mirage III/F-104 at low level ?

    What kind of attrition rates were they expected to sustain ?

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