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The 'Unique' German 'Panzer' used in Norway

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  • The 'Unique' German 'Panzer' used in Norway

    Hey everyone, I'd like to get someone to jog my memory about this 'A.F.V.' that the Germans included with their 'Invasion' forces of Norway and they only built (3) of them, that I recall. They were shipped off for this as a propaganda measure in an effort to deceive the Allies as to the development of German Tank Design, since they didn't really have anything much better at the time. I have seen it before, but I don't recollect just where, so I'll have to scour my info resources and see if I can find it or more about it unless someone else can do likewise. Thanks in advance to whomever can accomplish this.

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    Panzerkampfwagen Neubaufahrzeug VI:


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      I knew what it was but wasn't gonna make a fool of myself trying to spell it.
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        Originally posted by Temujin
        I knew what it was but wasn't gonna make a fool of myself trying to spell it.
        Might have asked me
        "A platoon of Chinese tanks viciously attacked a Soviet harvester,
        which was peacefully working a field near the Soviet-Chinese border.
        The harvester returned fire and upon destroying the enemy
        returned to its home base."


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          Many THANKS for the responses!

          Hello everyone and I'd like to personally THANK Martin Schenkel for providing the 'montage' of these unusual A.F.V.s! I saw the one that I was concerned about, as well as the many others that are quite the spectacle in themselves. There is even a photo of one of these in Norway, 1940 and it appears to be the same one as that which I had in mind. I always thought that THIS 'one' was like a 'throwback' to WW-1, with it's shape the way it is.


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