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T-34-85 as Movie Star

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  • T-34-85 as Movie Star

    This tank has been used in the shooting of a Polish television series Czterej Pancerni i Pies (Four Tankers and a Dog). The show is about the adventures of a Polish T-34 crew and their pet dog who serve in Poland's communist armed forces in the final years of WWII and librate Poland together with their comrades-in-arms the Red Army.

    The series ran from 1966-1970 in communist Poland and was a major Polish TV hit at the time although today it's criticized for promoting gross distortions and lies pertaining to the Soviet role in Poland's tragic fate in WWII. For this reason Poland's TVP1 channel has pretty much banned the movie after generations of Poles, including me, had grown up watching it. The show is heavy on the stormtrooper effect, a phenomenon later discussed in the context StarWars, where enormous hordes of armed enemies are helplessly ineffective against the protagonists. The heroic T-34 tank attacks against overwhelming odds and almost always emerges victorious.

    As you can see large slabs of armor have been sliced off to allow movie camera access to the inside so that fighting compartment footage could be shot with the crew at work at their stations "driving" the tank and "engaging targets". It wouldn't be possible to get the cameramen, soundmen and lighting men and their equipment inside the compartment together with the crew so the removal of the plates was the only practical solution.

    A second tank with intact armor (probably the specimen in the background) was used to shoot outside views of the tank.
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    Interesting, we grew up on similar fare, on TV, Movies, and Comic Books. Shows like Combat or Rat Patrol and Comics like Sgt Rock or The Haunted Tank (a favourite) always had a small group of tough dudes taking on the whole German Army (aka the gang who couldn't shoot straight)

    The Stuart in the middle is the tank Haunted by Jeb Stuart.
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      Oh, I saw those series! Of course, the movie isn't wihtout its flaws, but it was child of it's time. I liked it.
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        Combat TV show from the 1960s

        Sort of like the Combat TV show from the 1960s.

        One Squad fighting in France for 4 seasons.

        But hey, I was a kid then.

        Gonna buy them on DVD and relive the battle scenes.
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