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  • What would you feel comfortable with?

    If you were a modern day soldier, and you had the choice of what rifle, sidearm and\or heavy weapon ( which you dont ) you had to take with you, what would you feel the most comfortable out in the field with? and why?

    If this has been posted before, im sorry, but I couldnt find it.

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    Rifle: H&K G36K or F88 Austeyr w/ 3.5x Elcan scope
    Pistol: Sig Sauer P226 in .40 S&W
    Heavy: RPO-A

    G36 for ease of use (cleaning, modularity, atachments, quality), F88 cos I know it well , P226 from my time in Chechnya, RPO-A cause what you hit is staying down and it's not too heavy to carry.
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      Quite a well thought loadout there, basically a near perfect combo


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        Uh, WW2 weapons allow?

        Rifle: M1C Sniper Garnad
        Pistol: 1911 Colt .45
        Heavy: M1918A2 B.A.R.
        Knife: Ka-Bar

        If not then:

        Rifle: M16 w/M203 Grenade Launcher
        Pistol: Beretta M9
        Heavy: M-249 Saw
        Knife: Kar-Bar


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          I wish I had this ability now.

          Rifle: M4A1/rail system and the ACOG scope/backup iron sights
          Sidearm: H&K USP .45 Tactical
          B/U Weapon: H&K UMP .45


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            Well, I thought about the following:

            Rifle: H&K G36
            Pistol: H&K UMP .45 SL
            Heavy: RPO-A

            And some body armor would be nice too
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              Rifle : HK G36E
              Sidearm : Sig P226
              Heavy : FN 240G
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                Ideal Load -out
                Rifle: Galil ARM
                Sidearm: FN P90
                Heavy: M-249

                If I had to work with what I own...
                Rifle: CAR-15 (Civilian 16", with 6-postion stock)
                Pistol: 1911A1
                Heavy: Isreali HB FAL

                Daily carry is a Springfield XD9 Subcompact
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                  Fn Fal
                  Are we there yet?


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                    Rifle: G36K

                    Pistol: Para-Ord P14
                    Heavy: Ameli
                    Alpine Kommandos

                    Central Oregon KSK Airsoft Team


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                      Rifle: H&K G11
                      Pistol: Mauser Model 90DA
                      Heavy: Enfield L86 LSW


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                        Star Wars Universe
                        Rifle: BlasTech Industries E-11 Blaster Rifle (Storm Trooper Rifle)
                        Pistol: DL-44 (Hans Pistol)
                        Heavy: BlasTech T-21 Light Repeater
                        Knife: ...knife, who needs a knife when you can have a light saber?
                        And some good olí storm trooper ceramic composite armor.

                        Real World
                        Rifle: H&K XM-8 with XM-320 Grenade Launcher
                        Pistol: FN Five-Seven
                        Heavy: FN M240G
                        Knife: XM-8 bayonet
                        And some good DuPont Kevlar body armor
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                          Rifle: Remington 700
                          Pistol: Beretta M9
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                            Rifle: M-14 any version.
                            Pistol: S&W Mod 586 .357 Magnum
                            Knife: Kbar and/or 12" Bowie
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                              Feeling comfortable, as in for myself? Lets see.

                              That would be a system that doesn't attract too much attention by enemy fire. MGs in particular are very bad. Enemy soldiers might also take offense when threatenend by ATGMs, plus it wouldn't allow you to carry enough stopping power for rushes of AK-47 toting rebels.

                              I would want enough ammo that I don't run out, so a 7.62mm rifle would be out. I guess it comes down to an M16, and I want the 40mm grenade launcher so that I can pop an occasional BMP or BTR or pretend to be dangerous to charging mobs.

                              Obviously, to make myself useful on the battlefield I would want a little more range than the M16 offers, so one of the 6.8mm systems might be desirable. But unfortunately they would mean you can't pick up ammo from random sources and might not be a good solution in the current environment.

                              I would probably not bother with a sidearm and take more rifle ammo instead.

                              The secondary items shouldn't be forgotten:
                              - I want a pair of decent binoculars
                              - a robust compass, flashlight
                              - a radio with enough spare batteries
                              - water
                              - cash money in the currency used where I am


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