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The Color of War: Poland 1939

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  • The Color of War: Poland 1939

    This is the first color photo of Poland's 1939 September Campaign I have seen. The Wz 29 Polish armored car and other equipment were captured and photographed by the Wehrmacht.

    The Wz 29 was not a good recon car concept since it was designed to travel on improved roads only. Due to its weight and traction it tended to become stuck in any type of off-road situation. However, like the famous German 8-rad it did have two drivers with the secondary driver facing the rear so in case of driving into an ambush it could reverse immediately without having to turn around.

    The slow velocity 37mm Puteaux main gun in the turret had 12mm armor penetration performance which was useful against soft targets, fortifications and Pz I and Pz II tanks and other armored cars. The turret also had between 1 and 2 Hotchkiss machine guns and there was another Hotchkiss in the rear hull.

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    The color scheme looks much like modern NATO. It's strange that it took so long for nations like the US and UK to adopt camouflage patterns as a normal part of painting a vehicle.


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      A very nice picture.
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        Nice pic. Definately is gonna come in handy if ever I get my hand on a model kit of this vehicle. That said, I remember knocking out tons of these guys in SPWAW when I played a while back, seeing this pic sure brings back lots of memories of playing that game.
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          Anymore of this type of 'submissions'?

          That is a GREAT photo of this vehicle, as the clarity of the color scheme is readily apparent. I know that there have been 1/35th Scale models of some of the Polish Tanks & Tankettes produced in the last 5 or 10 years as I've seen them in Hobby Shops around the Puget Sound region of Washington State! What I'd like to see is these produced in a smaller scale such as 1/72nd or 1/76th since I prefer them for 'collecting' purposes and they take up less shelf space. Now if ONLY someone could produce some of the 'unique' A.F.V.s of OTHER Nations that were produced during WW-2 such as the 'Odessa' defense Tanks that were 'improvised' during the 'Siege' of that Soviet Black Sea Port on the Russian Front, or even ones made by Sweden, Roumania, etc.


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            You can find some models here:
            And more about the wz29


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              What a great picture.....stunning!
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                Encore makes a kit of this vehicle in 1/35th - you can occasionally find them in Squadron's mail order fliers - I think Encore is Squadron's own brand name for kits it has the rights to.


                Er wrong armored car - sorry for the mistake


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                  The armored car looks alot like Kubus in the Polish war museum. Kubus was somehow made durring the German ocupation and fought in the Warsaw uprising and survived.


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