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  • A fantastic resource

    This is a list of articles from an American intelligence bulletin published during WWII. Each article describes weapons, equipment and tactics of foreign armed forces (mostly Axis but Russian too).

    There are inaccuracies in the articles because remember, the year is 1943 and limited information is available. For example, when American intelligence officers see King Tiger tank for the first time they call it "Pantiger". This is because some of the King Tigers have a Porsche turret which is rounded in front and somewhat Panther-like in appearance.
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    This site has been a staple of my Favourites folder for years.
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      Great resource! It's on my favorites now...
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        Topnotch well done.


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          added to my favorites thanks ..
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            Excellent site, Ive been in and out for years, if you're a WWII Buff or not it's interesting info, just remember it was published during the war and not always entirely on the mark, but it goes to show what the Allies knew and one method of disseminating intelligence to the troops.
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              Thanks for pointing that site out. Been a while since I was there.
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