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Photographic Tour of T-72 Tank Interior

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  • Photographic Tour of T-72 Tank Interior

    Scroll to the bottom of this page and use the red links to see whole report which is actually a series of articles showing different specimen. Note the prominent fans for some measure of "air conditioning" for the crew. I have never been inside a tank in July but I can imagine it's almost unbearable.

    Photo below: roentgenometer. In case of nuclear war in Europe the crew of the tank was very well protected. There was a special lead-based liner on the interior surfaces of the crew compartment. Some version also had plates of lead on the outside of turret roof. In additon, air used by the engine and air conditioning systems was filtered. The hull was gas-tight and pressurized by a special overpressure system. This was an air compressor pump that worked to ensure that atmospheric pressure inside the tank was always greater than the outside air. This kept the radioactive particles out since in case of a hull penetration air tended to rush from the inside out and not vice versa.

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    Nice Link Monster! And btw it is terribly hot in a T-72 in Summer...
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