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    Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
    The Spencer really got shafted by the Army Ordinance department. They wanted their own in-house Springfield design adopted so they came up with excuses to eliminate the Spencer from service.
    Interesting, I was really made aware reading about the the Colt 1911 that the Ordinance department couldn't wait for Colt to finish their contract order so they could produce the pistol themselves. They even reverse engineered the pistol so they didn't have to wait for the plans.


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      Originally posted by MarkV View Post
      Range and repeating not connected. Adding repeating capability does not in itself affect range. Changing to high velocity does. Some early repeaters were not high velocity and some high velocity were not repeaters - confusing two different matters.
      for the lever action/revolving/etc repeaters, range can be connected because of the limited size of the cartridge--and limitations of the design
      ..the whole design is limited for hand held use
      ...if you know anything about engineering design, if you change one part of the whole, it usually effects other and/or many parts
      ..if you used a bigger drum on a revolver to accommodate a larger cartridge, or an extractor on a lever action, then you might need to change the links, or the hammer, or the springs to handle the larger drum/extractor...the pins might need to be larger to handle the bigger part
      ..if you change the springs, this could effect other parts
      ..where as single shot weapons have less parts--to be affected by's easier to accommodate a larger and/or longer cartridge

      it was much more difficult to design a repeater that fit the army's requirements
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        Originally posted by Surrey View Post
        In the early 1860s all major armies mostly used single shot rifles. Towards the end of the US Civil War the Union started to use multi shot weapons. When did most major countries convert to multi shot rifles?
        Germany's first magazine fed rifle was the Mauser 71/84 in 11mm (black powder/brass cartridge). It was tube fed and basically a model 71 with a tube added for 7 rounds of flat nosed 11mm. Most were produced in 1887-88.

        (note the tube and lifter system).

        It was quickly followed by the Commission 1888 rifle, often but erroneously referred to as a Mauser (which had nothing to do with the rifle). It was 8mm smokeless like the French Lebel and produced in great number, though none by Mauser. First issued in 1889 and used by the German Army until 1918 even after it was replaced by the Mod 98.
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