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The Guns of Hermann Goering

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  • The Guns of Hermann Goering

    I found some interesting specimens. Looks like the old fatso had a few. The Luger looks too new. Maybe it's a replica.

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    --Frederick II, King of Prussia

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    How about this one?
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      The Luger is a Japanese made replica gun based on one he may have owned.
      They are non-firing and 100% inert pot-metal, but quite well done.
      The original Goering Luger it is based on is quite different, the gold is more similar to the PPK in the top picture -

      Not MGC, one of the other makes.
      Google: goering luger replica gun


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        Presuming Hermann never got to use them anyway.

        He used to hunt Boar with a shotgun.

        Also assuming this man only got it out when he "heard the word 'Kulture".

        But, like everything else about Mr. goering, it was on display for all to see....

        Nice pics anyway.
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