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BAE Banking on Hybrid-Electric Combat Vehicle

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  • BAE Banking on Hybrid-Electric Combat Vehicle

    One of the things I didn't see mentioned was the engineering advantage of not having a transmission hard coupled to the final drives. That allows the designers to rearrange the power plant for best overall use of the protected volume.

    by MATT COX on NOVEMBER 20, 2012

    BAE Systems just put out a new infographic detailing the benefits of the hybrid electric drive system the company has developed for the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle competition. If selected, it would be the first hybrid combat vehicle ever fielded. The graphic illustrates how BAE’s hybrid system will ensure its GCV offering is faster, quieter and more fuel-efficient than standard 70-ton combat vehicles.
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    Actually it's a really good idea. With the right overall setups can allow for smaller drivetrains than current AFVs, far better protective schemes, and even the ability to do a lot of minor things without cutting in the engine. If they put in a robust battery system to allow for some small maneuvering, or for the tank to pull away from a shoot and scoot position BEFORE cutting in the engine, you've got a very potent combination.
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