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The Battle of Hastings

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  • The Battle of Hastings

    In my opinion William the Conqueror only won this battle because as his troops started to flee, the Saxons broke their shield-wall to try and pursue them. Using this to his advantage, he was able to rally his troops and to then destroy Harold's dispersed army, kill him and then to impose Norman rule on the country. Therefore, I raise two questions:

    1. Could William have won if Harold was able to stop his men from breaking their shield-wall?

    2. If Harold had won, what would have happened to England? Would it have pursued a similar path to what it has in history or would it have fell in to obscurity?

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    If Harold had won, it's possible the English language would have still developed, because Harold's predecessors, namely Edward the Confessor, had introduced Norman knights as advisers into Britain and constructed some castles in the Norman fashion.

    I'm not sure what happened to these advisers when Edward died--perhaps they were recalled to Normandy upon Harold claiming the throne.

    It's possible the Scots might have conquered Britain! hehe


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      Europe would probably look very different. Wars between Britain and france may have been fair fewer, allowing France to expand further and quicker.

      Looking at this terrain map of Europe perhaps a France controlling the more lowland areas of N Europe could be possible? Just a thought .

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