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At what point did English armies become English?

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    Good secondary critic on the above mentioned William of Malmesbury here :

    ‘There was no way to describe the development of a gens other than through the deeds and characters of its kings and the effects of these on the people’ (p. 182; also ‘in the Latin West of the Middle Ages, such an executive faculty was always focused on a single, monarchic ruler, the princeps or rex’, p. 149). GPA, however, seems to offer a very different way of organising the history of the English around the development of dioceses. When he approached history in this fashion, William’s concept of the English gens appears to have been quite different, including giving regional analyses of English character, emphasising the impatient dignity of the men of Canterbury (4) or the violence and harsh speech of the men of Northumbria (5), for instance.
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