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    Looks a bit of a straw man anyway. Where in Zama were the 'rampaging elephants doing damage to their own side'?

    Polybius says " When the trumpets and bugles sounded shrilly from all sides, some of the animals took fright and at once turned tail and rushed back upon the Numidians who had come up to help the Carthaginians, and Massanissa attacking simultaneously, the Carthaginian left wing was soon left exposed."
    And on the other wing "while others fled towards the right and, received by the cavalry with showers of javelins, at length escaped out of the field. It was at this moment that Laelius, availing himself of the disturbance created by the elephants, charged the Carthaginian cavalry and forced them to headlong flight. He pressed the pursuit closely, as likewise did Massanissa."
    The elephants were merely fleeing but Massanissa and Laelius were both smart enough to take advantage of the confusion caused to attack with advantage.
    The mahout would surely not kill his expensive elephant just because it was fleeing would he?


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