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The Spanish Heritage War.

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  • The Spanish Heritage War.

    Charles II, king of Spain since 1665, was a mentaly ill and weak man. He arose a poker for might at the sovereigns of Europe by his poor existence. Louis XIV, king of France, claimed the Spanish throne for his grandson Philipp of Anjou. Emperor Leopold I wanted to secure the Spanish crown for his secondborn son Charles, to hold Spain in the influence of the house of Habsburg. Charles II - still king of Spain- named then the canditate of compromize Joseph Ferdinand of Bavaria [grandson of Leopold I] to his succeeder in cause of the preassure of the seamights England and the Netherlands. But the Bavarian Prince died soon in 1699. A new European treaty accepted Charles as Spanish throneprätendent, therfore was the old axe Austria - Spain restored. The term of this treaty were that the French should get Naples, Sizily and Milan. The Emperor Leopold and Charles II would not agree to these terms, they would have taken away off Spain her Italian proprieties. The diplomates persuaded Charles II to change his testament. After he died on first of nov. 1700 his last will named Philipp of Anjou to his heir. Austria, England and the Netherlands could not dolerate that. Therefore 1702 a European War broke out, guided by intelegent military men like Prinz Eugen of Savoyen and Englands Duke of Marborough. The war went also on after emperor Leopold had died and his son Joseph has followed him !705. The Haager Allianze [ the Empire, England] drove Franze down by long battles. But the 1711 Emperor Joseph I died also and his younger brother Charles succeeded him to the throne of the German Empire. Therefore a Habsburgian World Empire like under Charles V. could have been created. The Allianze broke whooly by this possible circumstance, and all achiefments of the young emperor failed. In his need he aknowledged Philipp of Anjou as new king of Spain. The real victor of the war was England, which got Gibraltar and the licence of slavetrade in South Amerca.

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    Casanova, I take it you're referring to the War of Spanish Succession?

    You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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