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War of the League of Augsburg, 1688-1697

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  • War of the League of Augsburg, 1688-1697

    Augsburg, League of, defensive alliance formed (1686) by Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I with various German states, including Bavaria and the Palatinate, and with Sweden and Spain so far as their German interests were concerned. It was an acknowledgment of a community of German feeling against French expansion. The war that broke out after the French attack on the Palatinate in Oct., 1688, is sometimes designated the War of the League of Augsburg. In 1689 a new coalition against the French, the Grand Alliance, was formed by Austria, England, and the Netherlands. Savoy and Spain later joined the Alliance, and the war of 1688–97 is more properly known as the War of the Grand Alliance.

    The War of the League of Augsburg lasted for roughly seven years from 1689 to 1697. It spread to the North American Continent where it became known as King William's War. King William's War was finally ended in 1697 by the Treaty of Ryswick, simply restoring the status quo ante in the colonies. It was the first in a series of colonial wars between Great Britain and France that lasted three-quarters of a century. The sole significance of King William's war was that William III was finally able to establish the diplomatic alliance he needed to stand against France and Louis XIV.

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