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Marco d'Aviano, a Christian hero

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  • Marco d'Aviano, a Christian hero

    While I'm sure that a good # of folks here are aware of the importance of the Battle of Vienna (1683) between the "Holy League" and the Ottoman Empire, I wanted to dedicate this thread to a monk by the name of Marco d'Aviano.

    D'Aviano was a lowly monk who gained notoriety in the 17th century after it was said d'Aviano had the ability to heal the sick. Eventually Leopold the 1st would seek out d'Aviano for "spiritual" advice. It was said that d'Aviano played a role in providing confidence to troops of the Holy League, who would go on to win the crucial Battle of Vienna, even though it was said that the Holy League were outnumbered by a considerable amount of Turks.

    D' Aviano was also said to be a man of great morals. After the siege of Belgrade(1688), d'aviano personally intervened to save the lives of hundreds of captured Muslim soldiers who may have otherwise been killed.

    In 2003, Pope JPII beatified Marco d'Aviano.

    Pope John Paul II has formally placed a monk who inspired European resistance to Muslim invaders in the 17th Century and five other historic Italian religious figures on the path to sainthood.

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    Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor sought help from Bl. Fra Marco d'Aviano and he became an adviser to the often indecisive Emperor. When war with the Ottoman Empire was close, Pope Innocent XI made Bl. Fra Marco d'Aviano his personal envoy to the Emperor. An impassioned preacher and skillful mediator, Bl. Fra Marco played a crucial role in resolving disputes and restoring unity to the Holy League which included the Holy Roman Empire, Bavaria, Saxony, Franconia, Hungary. Swabia and importantly Poland. King Jan III Sobieski came up with the plan which defeated the Ottoman forces on Sep 11 and 12, 1683 when they were about to take Vienna.


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