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  • Originally posted by Dibble201Bty View Post
    I suggest that you do some more research. Marlborough's brilliance wasn't just battlefield ones. His administrative and logistical excellence was its equal.
    I was reading and studying about Marlborough and Eugene in the late 1960s while in high school. And I still prefer Turenne as a better all-round soldier and commander.

    From The Superstrategists by John Elting, 89-91:

    'It is one of the oddities of military history that Marlborough's campaigns have received comparatively little attention. Seemingly they have been overshadowed by those of Frederick the Great (whom Marlborough would have eaten for a midmorning snack), Napoleon (who considered Marlborough an outstanding general), and the Duke of Wellington (a junior-league Marlborough). No general has had to carry such responsibilities for so long and discharged them with such grace and courtesy. His soldiers [according to JFC Fuller] noted that he 'was particularly happy in an invincible calmness of temper and serenity of mind; and had a surprising readiness of thought, even in the heat of battle.'

    'Marlborough waged ten campaigns. He took every town he besieged and won every battle he fought. He utterly broke the French army's reputation as the finest in Europe, though its troops fought gallantly and well and its generals were mostly competent...'

    Napoleon also admired Turenne. Perhaps you should study just a little more about Turenne and Prince Eugene?

    I would highly recommend two books: Giant of the Grand Siecle: The French Army 1610-1715 and The Wars of Louis XIV both by John Lynn, the author of Bayonets of the Republic.
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    • Well! I suggest you start studying more, and much, much more than you did in the sixties.
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