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Alexander's Battle Formation (image)

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  • Alexander's Battle Formation (image)

    I found this at Wikipedia. Psiloi are skirmishers, guys wearing little more than a loin cloth who march in front of the phalanx raising hell, mocking the enemy and attracting missile fire.

    Hypaspists on the right flank are special shield bearers-the best men in the army. Their job is to use their shields to protect the right flank of the phalanx. This is because the phalanx carriers those enormous pikes pointing forward and if an attack comes from the right flank the phalanx may have a hard time turning right to face the attack. Under the square labeled "Hypaspists" it says "Elite heavy cavalry" which is an error. Hypaspists are not cavalry.

    Peltasts are javelin throwers.

    Companions as you probably know are Alexander's "imperial guard"-splendid heavy cavalry.

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