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German Counterinsurgency Ops in the Hehe War, 1890-98

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  • German Counterinsurgency Ops in the Hehe War, 1890-98

    Martin Gabriel has a short article up at the Small Wars Journal titled "German Counterinsurgency Operations in East Africa: The Hehe War, 1890-1898." You can access it here. Here is the abstract:

    The war between German colonial troops (the Schutztruppe) and the Hehe people that devastated large parts of southern Tanzania between 1890 and 1898, remains one of the lesser known conflicts in the history of German imperialism and is often overshadowed by the Herero uprising (Namibia, 1904/05) or the Maji Maji War (Tanzania, 1905-1907). Nonetheless, surveying this specific war seems reasonable for researchers working in the field of military history, and especially the history of counterinsurgency operations, for it can be seen as an archetype of Germany’s colonial wars. The Hehe War that cost thousands of African lives and largely destroyed formerly productive agricultural areas had enormous influence on later conflicts. Many German officers learnt their practice during this war and tactics that were first employed in the fighting against the Hehe became typical for other colonial wars fought by German forces.

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    You were right! thanks for posting this!
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