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Why do the English speak German?

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    If you blokes only spoke German then I could understand you when you talk. I can't but I can understand German. Nice try mates but what ever it is you speak it's not German. Your stuck with what you have, Old American.
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      I find German easy to understand as long as I have Google Translate handy.


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        Originally posted by Nick the Noodle View Post
        Every other nation that was invaded by the Germanic tribes kept their own language except the English?

        The Franks in France, the Ostrogoths in Italy, the Visigoths in Spain and the Vandals in N Africa soon spoke the native tongue. In Britain, while some words come from the Norse or Old French tongues, the language is predominantly Old German at its core.

        So why the language change? Any ideas?
        English is considered a West Germanic language and out of all the Germanic languages it is the one that is the most influenced by Latin thanks to the French speaking Normans. With that being said I don't really have an answer to your question at the moment.
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          English is not German, it's a dog's breakfast:

          Wakes up Fido; "Fido, come here puppy" *pours out Alpo in Fido's bowl*
          Fido procedes to jump front paws first into the bowl spilling the contents all over the floor. Fido then eats everything off the floor and wants to go outside. You are then left to clean up the mess.

          English is a complete mess as a language.
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