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Basic Training Through The Ages

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  • Basic Training Through The Ages

    Hi there guys i'm a few months out of basic training and have become quite interested in the conditions in which recruits in the past would have lived and been trained under.
    If anyone has any knowledge and information they would like to share that would be great, or even if you just know of any websites in any way related to this subject.
    I'm pretty much interested in any form of military training in any sort of armed force, in any part of the world and in any era! it's all good and worthwhile to me

    thank you

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    Hi CrowBag, I often turn to A Review of the History of Infantry, which is a dated work, but very insightful. It provides a lot of information on training. I think it would be a good place to start. I hope that helps.
    Historian on the Warpath | Medievalism on Screen: An Annotated Bibliography


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      Through the ageless process of time and traditions, veterans will always complain that their basic training was tougher and better than the basic training that recruits are going through nowadays.


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        Try the Journal of Corporal Todd, 1745-1762 by Andrew Cormack and Alan Jones. Published by the Army Records Society. Its a fantastic insight into army training and life as a British Soldier during the mid 18th Century.

        An interesting point on training is that during the 1730s/40s, although British regular troops drilled and performed the manual excercises of platoon loading and loading under instruction, they may only have actually fired ball at a target once a year, and even then there are reports of them only being allowed to fire one shot! As the troops were not trained to aim at targets when on the field, only present their firelocks, this lack of experience in firing ball would probably not have caused a great problem for them - apart from the shock of sore shoulders when the time actually come for firing ball in action!!


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