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  • GCHQ biggest overseas deployment


    Hope this is of some interest:-

    GCHQ mounted its biggest overseas deployment since the Second World War and ran a string of listening posts across southern Afghanistan to protect troops from Taliban attacks, security sources have disclosed for the first time.
    The Government’s electronic eavesdropping agency operated 10 top secret posts inside often remote British military bases across Helmand and the south to gather intelligence during the counter insurgency campaign.
    Its operations climaxed over the course of 2014, monitoring Taliban communications to thwart plans to hit vulnerable British convoys as they withdrew from bases across Helmand.
    The scale of GCHQ’s front-line involvement in the military campaign has only now been disclosed after the secretive Cheltenham-based agency completed its own pull out of staff and equipment.
    The agency, which is currently battling the fallout from Edward Snowden’s allegations about its intelligence gathering techniques, has flown out more than 400 tons of monitoring and technical equipment as part of the withdrawal.
    The equipment, equivalent to 100 shipping containers worth, was six times more kit than the agency deployed during Britain’s post-2003 Iraq campaign


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    Out of interest; what was it that Snowden said? anyone got a link? I just wonder on account of GCHQ, for all its nefarious interferences in the lives of the citizenry, hasn't yet had any high-profile whistle-blowers, or, unlike that other lot, left any laptops on any trains.
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