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"Q anon" - Behind the Veil ~ Ideological Warfare on a subaware level ...

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  • "Q anon" - Behind the Veil ~ Ideological Warfare on a subaware level ...

    I've recently become aware of this subject and have yet to have time to investigate as much as I'd like. Hence no comment or assessment for the moment. However, I'm providing the links and material I have at hand (for now) to any whom might also wish to look into this matter and give it some consideration and analysis, so FWIW:
    1. Website for Q posts
    3. The link below takes you to “The Book of Q.” Someone actually put this together to explain the Q phenomenon. The first chapter is especially good.
    4. https://aim4truthblog.files.wordpres...-book-of-q.pdf
    5. Website that also lists Q posts but one can go back to the begining more easily to see the first posts.
    7. The Website below that chronicles many of Q posts that prove he is at the highest access to Trump, in the oval.
    8. They call them Q proofs.
    When Q uses just letters or initials just put the cursor over the letters and suggests will appear. Here is a site that tracks man of these initials.
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    I've been following this, wondering what the hell it is. The best guess seems to be some conspiracy that is constantly on the edge of being revealed. Everything seems to be proof of something big that will happen any second now. It never will, and that's exactly what these people get off of it.
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