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  • looking for Vietnam War Documentary

    I am trying to remember the name of a Vietnam War Documentary I watched ages ago - a friend of mine in Germany had a copy on VHS and it was most impressive, but I donīt remember neither name, director only some of the plot. Iīm hoping someone here has seen it and can help me out so I can try and locate an actual copy. So here goes:
    The film was narrated from two perspectives, a young american soldier and a vietnamese fighter. It juxtaposes their upbringing, showing where they came from, and how they decided / were forced to join the war. It goes into their training and deployments and ends in battle with both of them (figuratively and literally) facing each other in a sort of showdown. All the time the movie is narrated in the voice of those two (fictive) protagonists and from their narratives shows excellent original footage.
    So I know this isnīt a lot to go on, but if someone out there can help me put I would be most grateful.

    Best regards from Brazil


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