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Video: The Anderson Platoon

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  • Video: The Anderson Platoon

    As some of you know, this 1966 academy award winning french documentary is probably my most favorite Nam movie ever, and I just found a 10 mins extract on YouTube, showing the battle of Hoa Hoi during Operation IRVING, November 1966. The platoon was part of Company Bravo, 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry, enjoy :

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    Thanks Booniemaster .


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      Never seen this before. Thanks.
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        Thanks for posting the clip Boonie. It was the first time I have seen it. Would love to watch the whole thing. They did a good job shooting and capturing the the conversations and action. To Boonie - once again

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          "The platoon is only a small pawn in a big game."

          Good stuff, thanks for the link.
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            Originally posted by Boonierat View Post
            As some of you know, this 1966 academy award winning french documentary is probably my most favorite Nam movie ever,
            I agree. It is a good one. I own a copy of the Anderson Platoon on VHS, But I don't have a VHS player


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              Just curious, anyone ever found out what became of Lt.Anderson after the service???? I know at the end of the movie, they comment on his commission resignation and 1 year working in Washington D.C. I heard the French came out with a movie about the members of the platoon 25 years later, but have been unable to confirm this.
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                The movie exist yes (about the reunion) but I never saw it.


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                  cool boonie ..
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                    I've seen it through.
                    Very good, just day to day with a bunch of Eleven Bush's.
                    A chopper crash that'll get your attention.

                    I have seen him in a couple later documenteries.
                    Whte hair, heavier, older.

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