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Video: Ho Chi Minh Biography

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  • Video: Ho Chi Minh Biography

    Found this 42 mins History Channel biography of Uncle Ho, haven't seen it yet so I can't tell if it's any good:

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    Interesting find Boonie. Gives some good info on Uncle Ho's background.

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      nice find boonie ...
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        Yeah, the first part is good, but they speed through the later part of his life too fast and are a bit too much complacent with him.


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          I can't watch it yet, but I can say for certain that if they make the communist versus nationalist argument then it is a worthless biography. That is the most meaningless debate which is just a prop for the anti war people.
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            I forgot that I needed to watch this, so I finally did.

            Interesting how this says that when Ho visited the United States he was impressed so much by the fact that even the the people on the lowest level of economic life in the United States got to vote. Well, he could not have been that impressed because he never allowed that when he had power.

            And once again we get the argument that he turned to communism solely because it offered the only strategy for liberation of Vietnam, but he was more a nationalist. I have always had a problem with this argument because when Ho finally achieved power in Vietnam He adopted the whole Leninist program to the point of bloody collectivization and centralization. For someone who was supposedly only a communist by expedience he sure did launch into their entire program with a vengeance. He did not promote any gentler Vietnamese variations to Maoism/Leninism. As they had been brutal, so was he.

            In all his dealings with the OSS, the so called lost opportunity, he never offered to renounce communism for American support. He asked for American support, but wanted nothing to do with American style democracy. He was a committed Leninist. He wanted independence for Vietnam to be sure, but the man wanted unlimited control over that independent nation. He didn't want any system that was going to mean sharing power with his people. He never suggested to the Americans that he had given up communism. The OSS officer interviewed said he was unabashed about being a communist. It was a power thing with Ho, not just independence. He wanted totalitarian power and Leninism offered the model for it.

            The documentary does cover these these things, among other points of view. It is possible to take away a number of different conclusions from this documentary depending on your point of view.

            We all know what my point of view is.

            The last part is glossed over very quickly. I love what Karnow said (I have never thought his was an objective history). He said, "Sure Ho Chi Minh was a communist, but why couldn't he have been our communist". What happened to the idea of freedom and democracy Stan? Give me a break.

            For whatever faults the US had in Vietnam, one thing they kept pushing for was more democracy. Probably to the detriment of the war effort. But Democracy certainly is the more just cause!! Something Ho supposedly admired about America, but wanted nothing to do with for his country.
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